Dr. Siddharth


A hidden oasis in the midst of chaos !


God’s creative plan in action…warmth of Jesus Christ’s love is felt in the ambience and the people

Ankitha Kaki


Amazed! Great Collection, Great Store and truly Blessed!

Jayaraj & Kailas Chinta


What a place full of treasures ! We love to spend more time here



It is overwhelming to see such a resourceful Christian store in Hyderabad. The staff is awesome and very patient

Leela Chandy

I Believe all who come here will be blessed!

Leo Lewis

A concept that is unique; a place filled with serenity and divinity. A place for those stressed in life…to experience the truth


Glad to see a place for Christians, better than the worldly places around

Hemant Sharma

This place is like heaven…you can just come and enjoy the Father’s love here…this place is not man’s idea but God’s idea

Loniefer Mary

Beautiful Place, well designed and a good place for meeting. A variety of books and I love this place. I hope this place will be a blessing for many.

Vidya Sravanthi

An exquisite, enchanting and amazing place. Done up tastefully with a touch of great imagination. God’s presence and the Love of Jesus our Lord can be experienced. Congratulations!

Sharmila Kunnu


A unique, awesome and resourceful place. Excellent hospitality!

Ankitha Kaki

Amazed! Great Collection, Great Store and truly Blessed!

Dr Siddharth

A hidden oasis in the midst of chaos!


Thoughtful selection of books. Great ambience.


Truly, the city needed something like this…

Julie Hephzibah

This is too marvelous…it is the Lord’s doing


Amazing place for books, coffee, music and ...

Uday Valleri

(This is) just like a ‘sanctuary’

Rachel Chadalavada

I love this store!


It’s a boon for the children of God…garden of knowledge…inspiration for the youngsters, God bless!


Delighted to find a beautiful Christian bookstore to pursue God through reading

I Verghese

Beautiful ambience, a place that spurs intellect and theology

Md Ashwaq

Peaceful atmosphere

Sudeshna Michael

We loved the place…it has the presence of the Holy Spirit


One of the best Christian bookstores in the city

Ashish Vasudeva

Was passing by, but walked in because this place looks so beautiful

Sandhya Santhosh

A quiet place for a reader…fantastic place for a bookworm!

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