Epistles offers :

Coffee Corner

You are welcomed in to Epistles with the invigorating aroma of coffee with steam gushing out in delight from the Café Coffee Day machine. You can suit your taste and have a cappuccino, café latte, espresso or choices from a whole bunch of flavored teas ! The coffee costs nearly nothing and if you are in a mood for a long read at the store, you can request for a free serving.

Lounge Area

Pastel colored cushions welcome you to sit in a favourite corner enjoying a coffee or a book or both. For those who are on the move from one bookshelf to the other there are ottomans to sit on and browse. A garden table with chairs are placed tastefully in the midst of the English Classics collection. You can brood deeply over a psychologically loaded passage from Dostoyevsky or be stunned by the beauty of the short stories of Chekov or Saki.

Christian Decor items

Esthetically appealing wooden frames displaying the beauty of Indonesian art are available with different verses laser engraved. Innumerable choices of verses and designs in wall hangings/frames in two languages – English and Telugu. Church related paraphernalia are available and are displayed near the billing counter.

Dr. Koteswara Rao Songa Hall

Themed in a beautiful skyblue with an elegant design on the wallpaper, the hall can hold an intimate group of 40 people with comfortable chairs. One can beat the summer heat and enjoy the cool Mitsubishi AC vertical model adding to the well equipped hall – multiple mics, both wireless and wired, French-Belgian speakers giving a dulcet sound, a 16 channel mixer, projector screen, HD projector from Epson. The Alesis Forge drum kit and the Yamaha Guitars and keyboards make it an ideal place for worship. When the numbers have swelled one can open the collapsible glass door on the side. Be it a prayer meeting or a corporate seminar or a birthday celebration or a sermon – this versatile space fulfils the desires of many.

Reading room

An evolving library as more and more books get added, it has 4 tables for people to sit in any way they arrange for a Bible study, Board room discussion, small group talks etc while still having a desk like feel for those who just want to sit and study undisturbed ! There is a state of the art Smart Board to teach from.

Book Store

One can smell the curation straightaway ! There is a well curated collection of books from different publishers. From a varitey of Bibles for different occasions and purposes – wedding, teen, large print, with leather cover, with cross references, Study Bibles – to a whole bunch of books on theology, biblical studies, original language studies (Greek and Hebrew), family books, marriage related advisory books, children’s books. There are sections of general books – English Classics in tasteful volumes for the discerning reader and collector ; Science related especially popular Physics ; Leadership and management books from different authors and for different levels of business expertise ; Self-help and self-development books which have been carefully filtered to avoid junk advisories in the form of books. Reference Books like the Encyclopedias are available for sale. Many high quality educational books have been imported for the development of children and adults alike.

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