Epistles offers :

Coffee Corner

You are welcomed in to Epistles with the invigorating aroma of coffee with steam gushing out in delight from the Café Coffee Day...read more

Lounge Area

Pastel colored cushions welcome you to sit in a favourite corner enjoying a coffee or a book or both...read more

Christian Decor items

Esthetically appealing wooden frames displaying the beauty of Indonesian art are available with different verses laser engraved...read more

Dr. Koteswara Rao Songa Hall

Themed in a beautiful skyblue with an elegant design on the wallpaper, the hall can hold an intimate group of 40 people...read more

Reading room

An evolving library as more and more books get added, it has 4 tables for people to sit in any way they arrange for a Bible study...read more

Book Store

One can smell the curation straightaway ! There is a well curated collection of books from different publishers...read more


“Reading maketh a full man.” Sir Francis Bacon

Books are a living expression of the authors and their ideas, having the remarkable ability to being to life the authors each time a person reads them. Here at Epistles you can find a wide expanse of Bibles and Christian Literature...read more

Come and enjoy the books browsing through and tasting of them over a cup of refreshing coffee or tea.

Picture of Dr. Rajkumar Songa & Family

Our store

  • Bibles with different translations
  • Books of all types
  • Gifts items

Books - General Category

Successful Couples ...


Chronological Study Bible

Books - General Category

10 Principles for a Happy Marriage

Decor Item

Wall Hanging



Books - General Category

The 10 commandments of Parenting

Decor Item

Wall Hanging

Decor Item

Wall Hanging


Application Study Bible

What our friends say about us :

Dr. Siddharth


A hidden oasis in the midst of chaos !



God’s creative plan in action…warmth of Jesus Christ’s love is felt in the ambience and the people

Sharmila Kunnu


It is overwhelming to see such a resourceful Christian store in Hyderabad. The staff is awesome and very patient

Anila Krish Dhanam


What a place full of treasures ! We love to spend more time here

Authors & Their books

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